We introduce ourselves

CARL WEISKE is a medium-sized, owner-managed company and a reliable partner in the field of development & manufacture of fibres, yarns and textile systems.

We supply manufacturers of home textiles, automotive textiles, sportswear & functional textiles as well as technical textiles.

Learn more about the Carl Weiske story and our advanced textile technology.


Since it was established in 1903, the company has seen a continuous progress. Today, a workforce of about 30 provides for satisfied customers and top quality.

1903 – 1935
1936 – 1961
1962 – 1990
1991 – today

1903 – 1935

  • Mr. Carl Weiske founded the company Carl Weiske in 1903
  • The company was appointed General Agent of Fine Spinners & Doublers

1936 – 1961

  • After Carl Weiske’s death in 1935, his wife Marie Weiske took over the business and became sole owner

1962 – 1990

  • In 1962 Marie’s son, Dieter Weiske, took over the company management
  • The company became one of the most important yarn traders of Europe – with subsidiaries in the USA and France

1991 – Today

  • Thomas Weiske took charge of the management in 1991.
  • In addition to the original business field of yarn trading, Thomas Weiske establishes the Hightex and Tradetex divisions as well as an extensive quality management system.

We want to fascinate our customers

We think about what we can do with our products and services to make our customers more successful.

This is how we operate in the market: with esteem for other partners, communication at eye level and transparency.

That is why we follow the principles of Total Quality Management as part of our "Weiske Quality Program": 

  • customer and employee oriented solutions
  •  optimal processes
  • "zero-defect culture"

Our Mission

People are at the heart of all we do

We attach great importance to long-term, partnership-based relationships with employees, customers and suppliers. We work absolutely customer-oriented and want to provide our customers with the greatest benefit. We are not afraid to take unusual paths and swim against the current to do this. Value-based, qualitative growth is the core of our company's business objectives.

Our company is shaped by Christian principles. Traditional values are just as important to us as future-oriented action. We uphold the basic values of moral conduct towards our employees, suppliers and the environment. This includes honesty, openness, integrity and fairness.

We also comply with the Code of Conduct of the german textile and fashion Industry.

Social impact

We see ourselves as an economic strength that is called to take on social responsibility and continuously look for new opportunities to promote social development.

Quality: Just lean back.

We know that your brand image is at stake. 

Therefore, for the first time in the textile industry, we use a uniform and effective quality management system for our Carl Weiske products. It is based on continuous improvement processes, a zero-defect system and is oriented to the requirements of total quality management.

The system has been awarded the management prizes of DEKRA and the Bavarian Quality Award.

Weiske Quality Program

  • Total Quality Management
  • Quality planning
  • Continuous improvement
  • Process audits according to VDA 6.3
  • Certified according to ISO 9001:2015


  • REACH conformity for Carl Weiske products
  • Development of sustainable polymers
  • Certified according to ÖKOTEX STANDARD 100
  • Partner in recycling networks

Authorised Economic Operator

  • Economic performance secured
  • Supply chain security

Objective fault analyses

  • Chemical and physical analyses, support
  • Minimization and elimination of error potentials in all stages of the value chain

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