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GREENTEX recycled polyester fibres and yarns are made from recycled PET bottles. 100 % of the recycled bottle polymer is used in the production of GREENTEX.

GREENTEX increases resource efficiency and protects the environment.


It's time to do something...

  • Plastic production requires about 8% of the world's oil production.
  • 17,000,000,000 PET bottles per year - in Germany
  • Forecast for continued plastic consumption: by 2050 more plastic in the sea than fish



  • 100% recycled PES fibres GREENTEX semi-dull 1.6 dtex/38 mm


  • 100% recycled PES yarns GREENTEX /ring-spun / semi-dull / Nm 10-68 / 1-2 ply
  • 100% recycled PES yarns GREENTEX / textured / semi-dull / dtex 183 / 1-4 ply

FUNctions & EFFEcts

  • dope-dyed and yarn-dyed yarns
  • fancy yarns


Elaborate blending & cleaning processes for consistent quality

Traceability of the recycling cycle

Certified according to ÖkoTex Standard 100

Auditing of recycling processes

Additional pollutant controls

GRS possible


GREENTEX OCEAN - Recyceltes PES aus Ozeanplastik

GREENTEXOCEAN is another product from our GREENTEX range.

GREENTEXOCEAN filament and staple fiber yarns are made fromused PET bottles that are collected in coastal areas and therefore can not enter the sea.

These coastal areas are located in regions whose seas are particularly affected by plastic pollution.

A single PET bottle takes about 450 years to decompose. As a result, the amount of plastic waste in the oceans is constantly increasing.

With GREENTEXOCEAN, Carl Weiske is helping to prevent plastic from entering the oceans in the first place, and to collect it before it reaches the sea.

In this way, we help to keep the environment in coastal areas clean and to reduce pollution of the oceans.


  • Collection within 50 km of marine coasts/waterways
  • From regions that are particularly at risk due to lack of waste systems
  • Picking up PET bottles from nature


  • Helping people to help themselves - Creation of jobs
  • By collecting bottles, poor families can earn money
  • The earnings help families to grow the business and open a small business

Difference to ocean plastic

We have decided against the use of plastic from the sea in our GREENTEX yarns.

Plastic from the sea is not collected in coastal areas, but rather „fished“ directly from the sea. While cleaning the oceans is also extremely important, we do not believe that the plastic collected from the seas is suitable for use in textiles.

This is because PET bottles attract pollutants like a „sponge“ after years of floating in the sea and should therefore not be further processed into textiles.



With our FLAMEX technology, we offer you polyester fibres and polyester yarns of low flammability where a fire protection feature is incorporated inherently in the fibre.

Carl Weiske Produkte


GREENTEX polyester fibres and yarns are made from recycled PET bottles. 100% of the recycled bottle polymer is used in the production of GREENTEX.

Carl Weiske Produkte


Our latest polyester yarn FLAMEXGREEN is made from recycled PET bottles and is also flame retardant.

Instead of virgin polyester, FLAMEXGREEN uses at least 60% recycled PET bottles (post-consumer).

Carl Weiske Produkte

Cool Plus

The COOLPLUS technology refers to cooling and moisture-transporting polyester yarns which drain sweat off from the skin surface particularly fast – keeping your skin cool
and dry for a longer period during sports activities.

Carl Weiske Produkte

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