Carl Weiske designs & develops polymers, fibREs, yarns, chemical additives and textile systems. 

Carl Weiske is your reliable partner in the field of development & manufacture of fibres, yarns and textile systems.

  • Better product quality
  • Achievement of maximum safety and productivity at all stages of the value chain
  • Professional consulting
  • Customer-specific developments from the pilot quantity to the series status


Carl Weiske Technologies

Innovative technologies that improve your life.

Textile Technologien

Carl Weiske

Fibres and yarns for textiles of the highest quality and high safety requirements. From polymer to finished system.

Carl Weiske Produkte

trade products

Trade in fibres and yarns from selected manufacturers.



Take advantage of our engineering know-how and our laboratory services – we will find a solution for your needs.

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Automotive-Textiles: Staple fibre and filament yarns made of PES


Technische Textiles: Staple fibre and filament yarns made of PES

TECHNIcal Textiles

Textiles for public interiors: Staple fibre and filament yarns made of PES

TEXTILEs for public interiorS

Textiles for transportation: Staple fibre and filament yarns made of PES


Sportswear & functional textiles: Staple fibre and filament yarns made of PES

SPORTSWEAR & functional textiles

Home textiles: Staple fibre and filament yarns made of PES

home textiles



With our FLAMEX technology, we offer you polyester fibres and polyester yarns of low flammability where a fire protection feature is incorporated inherently in the fibre.

Carl Weiske Produkte


GREENTEX polyester fibres and yarns are made from recycled PET bottles. 100% of the recycled bottle polymer is used in the production of GREENTEX.

Carl Weiske Produkte


Our latest polyester yarn FLAMEXGREEN is made from recycled PET bottles and is also flame retardant.

Instead of virgin polyester, FLAMEXGREEN uses at least 60% recycled PET bottles (post-consumer).

Carl Weiske Produkte

Cool Plus

The COOLPLUS technology refers to cooling and moisture-transporting polyester yarns which drain sweat off from the skin surface particularly fast – keeping your skin cool
and dry for a longer period during sports activities.

Carl Weiske Produkte

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