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Feel the airstream, experience the design. High product quality and functionality.

We offer high-quality fibres, yarns and textile systems for automotive interiors:

Filament and staple fibre yarns for fabrics: 

  • seat
  • seat bolster – centre
  • head rest
  • side panel

Filament and staple fibre yarns for circular knitted and warp knitted textiles: 

  • seat
  • car door lining/ side paneling
  • dashboard
  • footwell


  Polyester filament yarns 

  • Friction textured filament yarns
  • Twisted filament yarns
  • Variants: raw white, yarn-dyed, dope-dyed, cationic dyeable

Polyester fibres and polyester staple fibre yarns made of 

  • synthetic fibres 
  • fibres from recycled PET bottles
  • functional fibres
  • fibre blends
  • Variants: raw white, yarn-dyed, dope-dyed

functions & effects

The following functions are possible for the technical textiles sector and from a minimum quantity they can be produced according to customer specifications.

  • Chenille
  • Melanges
  • Slubs
  • Neps
  • Bouclés
  • Moulinés

  • High strength
  • High lightfastness
  • Anti-soiling finish
  • Reduced pilling
  • Cooling effect
  • Moisture absorbing
  • With & without optical brightener

We offer our fibres and yarns in individual designs, effects and colour variations.

We speak your language:

Quality planning 

Quality-related project management from product and process development to series production 

Application-specific development

From polymers through master batches, fibres and filaments to individual products

Dyed filament yarns 

Individually developed yarn and dope-dyed yarns according to the specifications of the interior designers

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