Home textiles make your house a home.

We offer yarns, fibres and textile systems for the entire textile interior. These include furniture fabrics, curtains, decorative articles, bed linens, mattress fabrics, velours fabrics, carpets and terry products.

Our fibres and yarns are available in individual designs, effects, color variations and functions.


  Polyester filament yarns  

  • Friction textured filament yarns
  • Twisted filament yarns
  • Dope-dyed polyester filament yarns to achieve 3D-effects in fabrics
  • Variants: raw white, yarn-dyed, dope-dyed, cationic dyeable

Polyester fibres and polyester staple fibre yarns made of

  • fibres from recycled PET bottles
  • synthetic fibres
  • fibre blends
  • Variants: raw white, yarn-dyed, dope-dyed

Functions & Effects

The following functions are possible and from a minimum quantity they can be produced according to customer specifications.

  • Chenille
  • Melanges
  • Slubs
  • Neps
  • Bouclés
  • Moulinés

  • Permanent flame protection
  • High strength
  • High lightfastness
  • Anti-soiling finish
  • Reduced pilling
  • Cooling effect
  • Fast drying function
  • Moisture absorbing
  • Breathability
  • Heat-retaining function
  • Special flame-retardant polymers with even higher FR function and even higher physical performance
  • With & without optical brightener

We offer our fibres and yarns in individual designs, effects and colour variations.


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