CARL WEISKE is a responsible family owned company committed to business integrity and sustainability. In the Statement of Principles for Social Responsibility and Human Rights, CARL WEISKE has defined environmental and human rights-related expectations that the company sets for its employees and suppliers in the supply chain. We expect our supply chain partners to also share our values and principles, which are defined in a Code of Conduct.

    Carl Weiske enables employees, business partners, employees of suppliers, service providers, customers, neighbors or other persons to point out human rights or environmental risks or violations that have arisen as a result of the economic activities of Carl Weiske or its business partners.

    It is helpful if the notice is formulated as concretely as possible:

    • Who is it about? Who is affected?
    • What has happened? Description of the facts
    • How often did it happen?
    • Where did the incident occur?

    2.) By post to:

    Carl Weiske GmbH & Co. KG
    Wölbattendorfer Way 73
    95030 Hof

    3.) By Email

    Send Email

    After receiving the information or complaint, its receipt is confirmed to the whistleblower. After careful examination and if there are concrete indications, an exchange with the whistleblower takes place. Remedial or corrective measures are then agreed jointly with the parties concerned.

    In addition to the person responsible for carrying out the procedure at Carl Weiske, other offices may also be involved in the processing of indications. The processing is carried out under confidentiality and the protection of the whistleblower.

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