FLAMEXPRO by Carl Weiske offers better fire performance as well as reduced flue gas emission in comparison to well-known flame retardant brands and it is therefore ideally suited for particularly critical applications.

Fibres, staple fibres and filament yarns on request.


With us you keep control over your product.

  • Guaranteed product and delivery quality thanks to our Hightex-System
  • REACH conformity thanks to in-house polymer formulation
  • No branding dictates
  • Additional quality control of the polymer
  • Thinktex-Service included
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With our FLAMEX technology, we offer you polyester fibres and polyester yarns of low flammability where a fire protection feature is incorporated inherently in the fibre.

Carl Weiske Produkte


GREENTEX polyester fibres and yarns are made from recycled PET bottles. 100% of the recycled bottle polymer is used in the production of GREENTEX.

Carl Weiske Produkte


Our FLAMEXPRO is a high-tech-FR solution and guarantees even higher safety than required by the fire protection standard.

Carl Weiske Produkte

Cool Plus

The COOLPLUS technology refers to cooling and moisture-transporting polyester yarns which drain sweat off from the skin surface particularly fast – keeping your skin cool
and dry for a longer period during sports activities.

Carl Weiske Produkte
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