21. Jan 2019

    The sustainable wear2wear concept is synonymous with responsibly produced high-quality clothing.

    Carl Weiske participates in the network for sustainability WiProNa. Here we work together with various partners on the Wear2Wear project, which is based on the principles of Cradle to Cradle. Our vision is a waste-free economy.
    This means that we start thinking about how our yarns and fibers can continue to be used even after the product lifecycle at the product development stage. 

    The recycling cycle begins with the processing of used PET bottles. With the polyester granulate obtained, we again produce polyester fibres and yarns that are processed into high-quality clothing.

    To ensure that the raw material cycle is closed again, we organise the collection of the textiles after use. These are then completely recycled. We use a special preparation process to produce high-quality yarns again for the renewed production of apparel textiles. 

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